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    Pacific Pride Foundation proudly provides services to the HIV/AIDS and LGBT communities of Santa Barbara County. All of our programs are free or low cost and offered in English and Spanish through our offices in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

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  • Community Services

    Direct services are provided to individuals and families infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS through our Case Management and Early Intervention Programs, which provide help from nurses and social workers, transportation, housing assistance, volunteer support and food from our two food pantries and hot meals program.

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  • Community Events

    PPF strives to attract and produce events and activities of interest to all members of the LGBT community. PPF supports activities that increase understanding, support and a sense of community among LGBT people across lines of race, gender, age, religion and socio-economic status.

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  • Community Action

    Our best response to acts of hate in our community is to come together in solidarity for the safety of all those who call Santa Barbara home.

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Dear Members of the PPF Family

Pacific Pride Foundation is an organization that I dearly love. For 40 years we have been serving the needs of a diverse and ever changing community, impacting thousands of people in the process. I know each of you, too, has a special connection to the work we do and the community we create.

In this, our 40th year, PPF's board of directors has found it necessary to make some difficult decisions in order to continue to be a place FOR and OF our community. If we are to survive to celebrate our milestone anniversary on May 1, we need support from each of you.

Pacific Pride Foundation is going through a strategic planning process to pinpoint our community's needs, and determine how best to meet those needs. And while the leadership of this organization sees a thriving future for PPF, this will mean we say goodbye to some programs that do much good and that many of us are personally tied to.

Our important HIV case management program was founded on contract dollars from the state and federal governments. This funding has continually decreased over the last decade. In 2009 a significant cut forced Pacific Pride Foundation to lose half our staff and drastically alter these services. Today, we are faced with another troubling scenario. Costs to run programs have increased sharply over the past few years, including rent, utilities, groceries for our HIV food pantry, and insurance. And while costs rise, the portion of unfunded dollars also increases by the year. This means we now need to raise four times as much from individual donations to offer just these programs.

The hardships that PPF is facing are representative of a troubling trend among HIV organizations across the country. A study released last July showed that nation-wide, HIV service organizations are experiencing severe financial issues; 75 percent closed a recent fiscal year in the red, and one of two now operates at a financial loss. PPF has been alerted to the fact that we will face a 2016 with more government funding cuts ahead, so we know we must change.

Pacific Pride Foundation's Board of Directors has unanimously voted to responsibly end our HIV case management and food pantry programs. While difficult, making these cuts is a critical step in a larger plan to enable a thriving future for PPF. We are closely working with County Public Health to transition our case management program and clients back to their care. As such, our food pantry will close operations this spring, with plans to find another agency who can meet our clients' food needs. As we work out the details with our partnering agencies, our priority here is to our clients. Our case management staff is already developing a thoughtful transition plan to address that priority. As these plans finalize, details will be available on our website for anyone who is interested.

Sadly, too, we will see some beloved, hard-working PPF staff leave in the next few months. These are amazing people who have served this agency and this community like nobody else. These are people whom I have known and respected for years.

In its 40th year, Pacific Pride Foundation looks toward a thriving future where we are able to meet new community needs through unique services that only we can provide. Here is a snapshot of programs we are investing in:

Mental Health Services - Our doors remain open to ALL. With seven counseling interns, overseen by the well-respected Bren Fraser, MFT, our counseling services include individual, couples, and family therapy. This service is available to anyone, but our team has special expertise in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer needs, and is trained annually by our PPF staff in HIV/AIDS issues as well.

HIV Prevention & Education - We are focusing resources to match pivots in national and statewide priorities: toward more prevention work. You will continue to see our Health Utility Vehicle throughout the county providing free, anonymous HIV and hepatitis C tests. We are expanding our definition of prevention and incorporating conversations around HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (known as PrEP). This is a critical emerging need in our community, and something that can make a true impact on halting the spread of HIV.

Youth Services - Our year-round youth programs in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria help change lives and save lives. LGB youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers ( while our queer and trans youth have an even higher rate of self-harm. Our programs strive to empower youth, to educate against bullying and harassment, to provide safe places for students in and out of school. We will continue to advocate for youth with school administrations and support their voices on what they need most, now.

Young LBGTQ Adult Program - We are seeing an emerging need for our 18-25-year-olds in Santa Barbara County. As they transition out of parents' homes, into first jobs and colleges, Pacific Pride Foundation is there. We currently provide a weekly support and development group and hope to expand to a mentor program by next year.

Santa Barbara Lavender Elders (SABLE) - The monthly lunch is moving to Pacific Pride Foundation's Santa Barbara offices. And we will be hosting more social activities for our SABLE group. Our team now trains 9 senior care facilities annually on LGBTQ sensitivity and we will be expanding our scope beyond Santa Barbara this year.

LGBTQ Advocacy - We now look beyond marriage equality. In 2016 you will see advocacy initiatives from Pacific Pride Foundation around veterans rights, all-gender bathrooms, racial and social justice equity, and welcoming businesses. There is much to do to realize full equality, and Pacific Pride Foundation is fully committed to lead on behalf of the LGBTQ communities of Santa Barbara County.

LGBTQ Sensitivity Training - Throughout the Central and South Coast we are seeing an increasing demand from organizations, education institutions, businesses, and interest groups for workshops and presentations around lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender and queer issues and awareness. We are diving in, and expanding our geographical reach beyond the county to meet the demand.

LGBTQ Programming and Social Events - We are expanding our social services. Our goal is to be your community center, where thriving individuals can participate with social groups, education opportunities, workshops, and more. Long-term, we envision a new facility that has more resources for the community's use.

But in order to deliver on all of these and more, we need your help right now. The transition to become a more nimble and strong organization still relies on one thing: funding.

We need to raise $350,000 from our community in the next five months. If every person on this email lists gives $50 right now, you can ensure Pacific Pride Foundation's future.

Join me. Scroll to the upper right to give. Text "THRIVE" to 91999 right now. Or call us at 805-963-3636 to pledge today. Giving generously will make all the difference.

Like I said at the beginning, Pacific Pride Foundation is an organization that I love. While it's difficult to make big changes like the ones we are facing, I'm proud to be part of a community that is brave enough to do the hard work of letting go in order to embrace the bright future I know we can have. With respect and hope,

-Colette, Executive Director

And the Pacific Pride Foundation Board of Directors


Your LGBTQ Community Center

You're invited to "love up" Pacific Pride Foundation's new lobby space in Suite A-10! 
Bring your laptop and check some e-mail. Cozy up on one of our couches with a good book.
Check out the community bulletin board for LGBTQ-centered activities and groups. 
This is your space: a safe space, an LGBTQ-positive space. Make it your own! 
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Coffee with the ED

Each Friday through the end of February--please visit and chat with our Executive Director Colette Schabram!

From 8 am - 10:30 am you're invited to socialize, receive a tour of our office space, and find out what's new with
our programs & services.

Have a question or concern? This is the perfect time to join the ED for a cup of coffee and have a conversation.

We look forward to seeing you Friday mornings!



Your Counseling Center

Pacific Pride Foundation's counseling program annually trains between 6 and 8 counseling interns--a majority of whom identify as LGBTQ--in issues relevant to LGBTQ mental health.

Our Santa Barbara interns are overseen by the well-respected Bren Fraser, LMFT, and offer high-quality individual, couples, and family therapy.

Beyond the therapy room, our interns serve on LGBTQ sensitivity panels, collaborate as trainers with PPF sensitivity trainings, and visit our PPF Youth & Young Adult Groups to lecture on specialized mental health topics. As they become licensed, our interns move on to become critical leaders in local and national mental health circles.


 To make an appointment in our new Counseling Suite (sliding scale) in Santa Barbara please contact Patrick Lyra at (805) 963-3636 x130 --and for counseling in Santa Maria please contact Cynthia at (805) 349-9947 x107.

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