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  • Community Pride

    Community Pride

    Pacific Pride Foundation proudly provides services to the HIV/AIDS and LGBT communities of Santa Barbara County. All of our programs are free or low cost and offered in English and Spanish through our offices in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

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  • Community Services

    Community Services

    Direct services include free and anonymous HIV and Hepatitis C rapid testing, as well as up-to-date HIV/AIDS prevention and education. The Syringe Exchange Program offers sterile syringes and other supplies, as well as harm reduction counseling. Our Counseling Center is LGBTQ+-sensitive, and our LGBTQ+ Program houses support groups for Youth and Young Adults--as well as various 12-step groups.

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  • Community Events

    Community Events

    PPF strives to attract and produce events and activities of interest to all members of the LGBT community. PPF supports activities that increase understanding, support and a sense of community among LGBT people across lines of race, gender, age, religion and socio-economic status.

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  • Community Action

    Community Action

    Our best response to acts of hate in our community is to come together in solidarity for the safety of all those who call Santa Barbara home.

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We Stand in Solidarity With Orlando

On Sunday evening Pacific Pride Foundation held a candlelight vigil with over 100 members of the community present to honor and commemorate the lives lost in America's most violent mass shooting.

Words from Executive Director, Colette Schabram, for those unable to attend:

Orlando Vigil

"Tonight I want to start by thanking each of you for joining together. Many others experience grief in private settings. They have asked me to let you know, they, too, light a candle right along with us.

What can be said when a life is lost? Words sometimes seem meaningless against such hate and violence. But words have intention, words have weight, and words matter. Just as this gathering tonight in Santa Barbara, miles away from the tragedy in Orlando, matters. Indeed, this is a gathering of solidarity with the victims and families in Orlando. But it is also a gathering of defiance. Simply by meeting together here, we are openly defying intolerance, defying persecution of our LGBTQ friends and families. We are resisting a reaction of fear, instead coming together as a community to loudly proclaim — as one community — that we will not let hate win.

We are here tonight because prejudice and discrimination are not past-tense realities for the LGBTQ community. We are here because lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people experience violence, abuse, discrimination and aggression every single day. We are here because last night, at a gay club in Orlando, someone with hate in their heart committed a terribly violent, most violent, act.

Here in Santa Barbara, and in towns and cities across the United States and across the world, we condemn these acts. We stand together to say:

“You cannot silence us.”
“You cannot use your hate to breed fear or intolerance in us.”
“We stand for love.”
“We stand for wholeness, for community and for peace.”
“We do not confuse your hate with your distortion of religion.”
“We do not confuse your actions as a trigger for us to feel shame.”
“You are the one in the wrong. You are the one acting against love.”
“We say: No bullet is too great to break apart our community and the strength of our voices.”

Tonight, let us hold in our hearts, above all else, love. Love for the victims and the witnesses of this violence. Love for the families and friends of those lost. Love for the people recovering from wounds — the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds this type of tragedy brings about. And love for our country as we move forward in a landscape where gun violence has become a shocking reality.

In holding love as the centerpoint of our response, we can work toward building communities where we resist the idea that this type of violence and intolerance is somehow woven into the fabric of our culture. What we must do next is to continue our work to create an increasingly inclusive community, one that is ever reaching forward toward respect, equality, and love."

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Forty Years with Pacific Pride Foundation

Thermometer May31Please support our vital programs and join your fellow community members with a donation today! 
Thank you to the following donors who have contributed to Pacific Pride Foundation's thriving future! 
Linda Andrews, Stephanie Badasci, Kathy Badrak, Jean Ballantyne, Ralph Barbosa, Lisa Bass, Hillary Blackerby, Merryl Brown, Domenic Caluori & Richard Crockett, Lynn & Chris Brown, Leslie Brtek, Valerie Burchby, Diana Cecala, Robin Cerf, Joanne Davidson, Cindy Davis, John Devereaux, Diyana Dobberteen, Sean Dooner, Terrence Draut, Jeana Dressel, John Duffy, Richard Feuerbacher, Naomi Firestone, Steven Fisher, Susan Foley, Gregory & Marllus Gandrud, Marc Gelinas, Cristina Gonzalez, Rodney Gould's Ambassador Brunch, Lorraine Griffin, Malek Guerbapio, Lori Guynes, Tyson Halseth, Jeffrey Hardesty, Karl Hauck, John Houchin, Kyle Irwin, Tania Israel, Emily Izmirian, David Jackson, Carol Keator & Cheri Gurse, Jon Gathercole & Claude Raffin, Jennifer King, Jill Kingdon, Christine Klukkert, Christine Knight, Neil Korpinen, David Landecker, Rod Lathim, Michael Lebell, Monique Limon, Kenneth Linberg, Dodie Little, Jan Paul Longanbach, Anna Lopez, Debbie Lux, David Machacek, Tymon Manning, Mariela Marin, Ken Matye, Christopher Meagher, Robert Mendez's Ambassador Art Show, Ross & Lindsay Merrill, Alissa Hummer & Michelle Howard, Brian Miller, Solomon Ndung'u, Michael & Gabriel Nicola, Jaime Niedermeier, Dale Nissenson, Georgia Noble, Mary O'Gorman, Carlos Ojeda & Jonathan Alburger, Gary Paine, Christopher Pilafian, Warren Power, Loretta Redd, Will Richardson, Neil Korpinen & Rick Erickson, Donald Ripp, Arthur Collier & Robert Greenberg, Max Rorty, Greg Russo & Joseph Campanale, Colette Schabram, Beth Schneider, Helene Schneider, Kristine Schwarz, Susan Shields, Jennifer Smith, Gretchen Smith, John Stephens, Heather Stevenson, Gail Suttner, Angie Swanson, James Traina, Douglas Van Pelt, Jackie VanLingen, Mark Vega, Elsa Velasco, Carole Wasserman, Shannon Weber, Robert & Doris Wechter, Mark Weisgerber, Karen Weiss, Jefferson Woeste & Bruce Cleveland, 2nd District Supervisor Janet Wolf, Jacklyn Wolf & Cindy Schneider, Katherine Wolfe, Barton Woolery, Kim Yasuda, Dwight Youpee


Bell Street Farm, The Bobcat Lounge, Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS, The California Wellness Foundation, Cruise Bargains, Inc., Berkshire Hathaway, Full Spectrum Recovery & Counseling, Gelson's, The Ove W. Jorgensen Foundation, The Roddick Foundation, Smart & Final Charitable Foundation, Student Nurse Association at Santa Barbara City College, Trinity Episcopal Church, The Zegar Foundation, Anonymous, Anonymous

SB County Sees First Transgender & Bisexual Prom Royalty

Santa Barbara County's 2016 Pride Season kicked off with Santa Barbara High School Seniors voting for Blue Nebeker, a Pacific Pride Foundation 2015 Youth Advocate Leader and young transgender woman, as Prom Queen--and her classmate Sabrina Dabby, a gender-fluid and bisexual person, as Prom King!

Don't miss our LGBTQ+ Outreach Advocate (& Mentor to Queen Blue!) Patrick Lyra's full interview with Blue & Sabrina here.

Here's a snippet below...

Patrick Lyra: What about those who are afraid of being rejected for their authentic gender identity or sexuality? 

Blue: Every situation is different. So there's not one way to do it. The only thing I can think of is, make sure you have people that are okay with your identity and who are supportive. If we're talking about people here in the PROUD Youth Group, they are okay with it, and that's great. That's why we all come here. But it really does depend on the situation. First though: make sure there's people around you that are okay with who you are. That's so important...

Read more here!                   

Sunset at the Canary

Don't miss our monthly cocktail mixer atop Santa Barbara's only luxury hotel! CanaryPosterSponsers page 001

Your LGBTQ+ Community Center

You're invited to "love up" Pacific Pride Foundation's new lobby space in Suite A-10!  Bring your laptop and check some e-mail. Cozy up on one of our couches with a good book. Check out the community bulletin board for LGBTQ-centered activities and groups. 
This is your space: a safe space, an LGBTQ-positive space. Make it your own! 
unnamed 2 unnamed 3

Your Counseling Center

Pacific Pride Foundation's counseling center annually trains a team of 6 to 8 counseling interns (a majority of whom identify as LGBTQ+) in issues relevant to LGBTQ mental health--with full, robust training in best practices for Transgender (Non-Binary included) clients. Interns additionally receive training in supporting the mental health of those living with HIV/AIDS. 

Our interns are overseen by Bren Fraser, LMFT, and offer high-quality individual, couples, and family therapy for a sliding scale fee.

IMG 3567 2

Our counseling interns also serve on LGBTQ sensitivity panels, collaborate as trainers with PPF sensitivity trainings, and visit our PPF Youth & Young Adult Groups to lecture on specialized mental health topics.

As they become licensed, our interns move on to become critical leaders in local and national mental health circles.

To make an appointment in our Counseling Center (located in Santa Barbara) please contact Patrick Lyra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at (805) 963-3636 x130.


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